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Paddy Crean Workshop Banff IOSP

Tooth & Claw has been invited to offer workshops and presentations throughout the country and around the world, and we'd like to come to you. In addition to hosting our own workshops, we've taught at the Winter Wonderland, Virginia Beach Bash, Carnage in the Corn, Rapier Wit Intensives, and the Paddy Crean International Workshop.

Tooth & Claw has collaborated with major DC theatres to offer a wide range of workshops, bringing together students from across the country and an international faculty for intensive trainging.  For more information, click the titles below.

Bond vs. Bourne — 2012

Bond vs. Bourne was a two day intensive stage combat and stunt training workshop inspired by the action styles that make the Bourne and Bond franchises great. Students explored Theatrical Firearms, Tactical Knife Fighting, Contemporary Hand to Hand, Environmental Combat and Staging, and Parkour at Primal Fitness.

Click HERE for more information.

The Art of War — 2014

A unique four day workshop geared towards choreographers, coordinators, and directors, the Art of War took early career fight directors through workshops in Creativity, Mixed Weapons, Environmental Staging, Biomechanics, Liability and Professional Development.

Click HERE for more information.

The Martial Arts Intensive — 2014

The Martial Arts Intensive was designed to build on the Society of American Fight Directors Unarmed curriculum, and to offer students an expanded toolkit for staging contemporary and traditional martial arts.

Click HERE for more information.

Rorschach Theatre Fight Camp

Rorschach Theatre's annual fight camp, in collaboration with the Theatre Lab School in downtown Washington.  Classes have featured Rorschach's signature style and a range of weapons, often in parallel to their imaginative seasons.


Stage Combat Intensives 

Tooth & Claw frequently offers specialized stage combat intensives, focusing on a specific need or a focused certification process.  Collaborators have included the University of Mary Washington, Fairfax County Public Schools, and Brave Spirits Theatre.

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Paddy Crean International Stage Combat Workshop

Folger Library Birthday, photo by Jeff Malet

Lake Braddock Theatre, photo by RL Mirabal

SAFD Winter Wonderland, photo by FightGuy Photography

Bond vs. Bourne, photo by FightGuy Photography

Martial Arts Intensive,photo by Casey Kaleba

Agamemnon photo by Ethan Sinnott

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