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Stage Combat is more than a special skill, and whether you are just starting out or looking for advanced instruction, Tooth & Claw can provide you with the tools you need to build your abilities as an expressive actor, a movement artist, and creative athlete.

Tooth & Claw offers stage combat certification through the Society of American Fight Directors. Students can train in the nine skill sets offered by the SAFD - we offer these classes in partnership with theatres, schools, and private instruction. 

rorschach theatre living dead kaleba
Rapier and Dagger
Single Sword
Zorro at Constellation Theatre
Twelfth Night at Folger Theatre
Young Robin Hood at Round House Theatre
Sword & Shield
Inishmore at Constellation Theatre

Stage One at Signature Theatre, Matthew Strote

Workshop at Edlin School, photo by Bertrand Schreibstein

Living Dead in Denmark, C. Stanley Photograpjy; Young Robin Hood, Danisha Crosby; The Three Musketeers,Alexandra Hostik

Zorro, Andrew Propp; Twelfth Night, Teresa Wood

Young Robin Hood, Danisha Crosby; Rorschach Theatre Fight Camp, Daniel Corey

The Lieutentant of Inishmore, Edward Cragg; Julius Caesar Teresa Wood

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